Every project has unique needs, and that calls for unique investors. At ROSEFELLOW., our years of experience in the field have allowed us to put ourselves in the investors’ shoes, which means we’ve learned to identify and correct shortcomings in order to develop our own way of working with you.

Over the years, this approach has allowed us at ROSEFELLOW. to develop relationships with numerous owners, brokers, developers, and builders in the Greater Montreal area.

Our watchful eye and our transparency at every step all allow us to ensure that your investments in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors are treated with the greatest care.

At ROSEFELLOW., we have never been afraid to disrupt and innovate the development landscape, and our valued partners and investors are an integral part of that continued vision.


Rewriting the rules isn’t just about changing the way we work. It’s also about changing the way we fund and deliver great projects.

By launching Quebec’s first investment fund dedicated to the development of next-generation industrial projects, ROSEFELLOW. has distinguished itself not only as a leading real estate development company, but also in its mission to change and advance the construction industry in Eastern Canada.

Thanks to the participation of Ontario-based Skyline Industrial REIT and Quebec-based Fit Ventures, we were able to raise a $100 million investment fund.

The RF Limited Partnership I fund will support over $500 million worth of industrial buildings over the next seven years.