670 000 SQ.FT.


Geographically, ROSEFELLOW INDUSTRIAL 5.0, being in Pointe-Claire, is considered the central municipality in the West Island of Montreal, has national linkages through the Trans-Canadian Highway, and municipal linkages through St-Jean Boulevard and Brunswick Boulevard. Furthermore, it is in close proximity to the Pierre-Elliott Trudeau Airport and Canada Post sorting facility. Some of the advantages ROSEFELLOW INDUSTRIAL 5.0 has to offer are:

  • The city of Pointe-Claire’s availability rate decreased to a new all-time low of 1.5%, while asking net rents and sales prices hit new historic highs  
  • Accessible by Montreal island’s two major highways  
  • Served by a complete bus and commuter rail system  
  • Just minutes from Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport and Canada Post sorting facility  
  • Part of a major maritime, rail and road transportation hub  
  • Direct access to Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport via Reverchon ave.